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UNDAF Outcome 5

OUTCOME 5. Inclusion and Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups

Women, youth, children, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups are protected from violence, and discrimination, have a voice that is heard and are respected as equal members of society.


•       Supported the reinforcement of Law on prevention of domestic violence through:

           - improved inter-sectoral coordination mechanisms; and

           - developing sectoral policies and practical tools;

•       Supported the Government in addressing the rights of the people with disabilities through:

      - adoption of National programme on rehabilitation 2017-2020;

•       Enhanced understanding of the people on their rights, including:

      - 100,000 people (80% women) were informed on their rights and    

        available services;

     -  4,000 women and  young girls received health and  legal  services;

•       Improved education enrolment among refugee children:

     - 87% refugee children covered by education, including 59% who enrolled in state


Partners and coordination:·        

·         Executive Office

·         Ministry of Internal Affairs,

·         Committee on Women and Family Affairs,

·         Committee on Youth, Sports and Tourism

·         Ministry of Finance,

·         Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population,

·         Ministry of Economic Development and Trade,

·         Ministry of Education, 

·         Agency on Civil Service under President of the Republic of Tajikistan, 

·         Local province and districts authorities and local self-governments;

·         CSOs of Women’s Rights, People with disabilities, PLWH 

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